Keep Your Publishing PC Running Smoothly

If you’re a publisher then you’ll want to ensure that your computer is running as smoothly as possible to ensure the best workflow.  There’s nothing worse than having to deal with a computer that comes to a screeching halt every five minutes as you open Photoshop or even try to restart it for something.

Generally speaking it’s a good idea to keep as few things as possible on any computer that you’re using as a publishing device.  This will ensure that it stays as fast as possible.  That means no games, screensavers, and other nonsense.

Here are some sites that will review various software programs to help you to keep your computer clean and safe:

No More Sad Computer – Offers some insight for people who aren’t that computer savvy

PC Mag – An oldie but a goodie – sometimes their reviews are a little thin

Enigma Software – Great for anti spyware and malware defense



Is Print Dead?

Despite the rumors of it’s death we do not think it’s time to hand the newspaper or magazine over to the grim reaper just yet.  There is a lot of evidence that Print is nowhere near dead.  In fact, it might even be on an upswing soon as people realize that it’s just plain hard or annoying to read everything on their computer.

Here are some different reasons that it’s not time to give up on print just yet – in fact quite the opposite.

Staying Power.  Internet sites do stick around, but you’re gonna have to search for them, and often advertisements are here today and gone tomorrow thanks to the coded rotating banners.  Advertisements and articles in a magazine can hang around for YEARS.  It’s almost like a small historical monument.  So really, paying for a print ad means that you’ve got some lasting potential, especially with magazines.

Credibility.  These days anyone can throw up a “news” website and call it news.  And people can post anything on Facebook and people will believe it.  So much junk news gets thrown around and some of it is downright UNTRUE.  With print, yes you could have some bad articles floating around and some odd publications, but for the most part print is highly credible, especially with established news outlets.

Branding.  Creating a brand identity is difficult on the internet – it’s much easier to create an effective advertising campaign in print ads.  Plus as the “staying power” reason suggests, it’s around for much longer.

More Engaging.  Print is much more engaging, and readers feel more connected to what they are reading.  Internet culture encourages the constant “click click click” to the next page or the next link, making everyone severely ADD.


Impressive Press

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